Do you like coffee with foam?

This fantastic Brikka Moka pot creates an excellent coffee, with foam, like the one in the bar.

Let’s see together its characteristics.


Introduction to Bialetti New Brikka Moka.

First of all, you should know that the Bialetti New Brikka Moka is a model suitable for all types of cuisine, except induction.

This product is particularly suitable for those who love the typical foam of bar coffees as it is able to form a certainly considerable quantity.

Compared to an espresso coffee machine, the Bialetti New Brikka moka requires very little maintenance, a significant feature for those who do not like to devote themselves to household chores.


Design and manufacturing materials

The appearance of this moka pot is classic and allows this product to always make a good impression.

The company logo can be identified in the center of the mocha. The look of this model is overall elegant and unobtrusive.

Dimensions of this product are slightly below average (25 x 20 x 15 centimeters) and the weight is just under 700 grams.

Surely it is a perfect moka for those who do not have a lot of space available, despite the good capacity.

Manufacturing materials are of good quality, although you should know that the Bialetti New Brikka moka is not very resistant to shocks.

Consequently, I advise you to be careful and to treat the model with due delicacy.

The conclusion: the quality & price ratio

The Bialetti New Brikka Moka is an extremely interesting product, recommended for all those who love bar coffee.

Currently this model can be found on Amazon for just under thirty euros.


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