Coffee bean thickness is an essential information factor for roasters, green coffee customers, and investors alike.

What is coffee bean thickness?

Basically, coffee thickness is the weight of a coffee bean proportional to its volume.

Normally, denser beans can be recognized just by checking out them.

If the crevice line (the crack down the middle of a bean) is close to straight and also just slightly open, the bean is possibly much less dense.

On the other hand, if the crevice line is crooked as well as shut, the bean is most likely much more dense.

For coffee experts around the world, bean thickness is identified as an essential statistics for grading as well as arranging green coffee by quality.

Harder, denser beans are generally prized by customers around the world, and producers typically get a greater rate for them because of this.

coffee bean thickness

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What makes coffee essentially dense?

Elevation is just one of the main variables that impacts the thickness of coffee beans.

At greater altitudes coffee cherries grow as well as ripen extra slowly, resulting in beans that are a lot more thick.

Denser beans also have greater levels of sugar, resulting in even more facility and sweeter cup profiles which is why they are more desirable.

Due to the fact that higher elevations commonly provide constantly cool temperatures all year round, the cherries grow for longer.

This is very important, as the arabica grows optimally at temperature levels in between 18 as well as 21 ° C( 64 and also 69 ° F). Outside of this range, the fruit will certainly mature too swiftly.

Determining coffee bean thickness

The primary metric utilized by coffee specialists to grade and step bean density is “thickness”.

Coffee bean thickness is usually split into a couple of different categories, based upon a coffee’s elevation.

The specific metrics and also terminology utilized do vary from nation to nation.

coffee bean thickness 2

Coffee density scales

The terms Soft Bean (SB) as well as Strictly Soft Bean (SSB) usually refer to coffees expanded at altitudes of under 1,200 m.a.s.l. or 4,000 feet..

At these elevations, the much less steady temperatures and also greater oxygen degrees suggest the cherries establish quicker.

The beans are therefore much less dense, and often tend to have a spherical flavour with less sweetness and acidity.

Afterwards, you have Hard Bean (HB) or High Grown (HG) beans, which are coffees expanded between 1,200 as well as 1,370 m.a.s.l. (around 4,000 to 4,500 feet).

At these altitudes, the higher altitude and equivalent low-oxygen ambience causes the fruit to establish slowly, causing harder, denser beans with even more complicated and also desirable cup profiles.

Over 1,370 m.a.s.l., it begins to get a bit a lot more complex, as the “best” altitude will in fact depend on the region and also beginning in question.

Inevitably, coffee expanded at these sort of elevations can be described as Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) or Strictly High Grown (SHG), which is generally utilized as a designation for the highest-altitude coffees readily available.

You can likewise identify bean thickness by considering the physical characteristics of your coffee bean.

The bean’s framework plays a vital function in identifying density; the more ‘open’ its framework, the softer the bean, and also the more small, the tougher the bean..

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