Goodbye moka coffee?

Goodbye to the moka coffee?

The production of coffee pods is surpassing the classic ground coffee for the moka.

But is this really the case?

Is the era of the moka over

Is the era of the moka over?

Recent research has shown that, up to 2014, 53.3% of Italians preferred the mocha but that now, the figure has dropped to 37.2%. And the pod machine, which in 2014 was preferred by 28.8%, has risen to 39.5%.

Two percentage points more than the moka.

Pod Vs Moka

The pod and capsule market is growing sharply.

It is a question of practicality, reliability, sustainability and, of course, taste.

Through always the same parameters such as pressure and temperature of the water used by the machines, grinding, quantity and pressing of the coffee, pods and capsules ensure an optimal result, regardless of the “talent” of those who prepare.

A few gestures are enough to make an excellent coffee, without the possibility of errors.

The most popular coffee?

The most popular coffee is creamy, dense, full-bodied. “Like that of the bar” is the definition used by fans.

And, surprisingly, the paper filter of the pods is not only good for the environment, but also good for the “cup”.

The coffee, in fact, during extraction does not come into contact with resistant materials such as plastic or aluminum, but only with the paper filter, casing of the pod itself, thus ensuring a more homogeneous result.

And also the process of extracting the coffee, used for the pods, is the one that comes closest to the traditional espresso method, namely that of the bar.

the most popular coffee

Forever Moka

So, really goodbye moka coffee? Coffee enthusiasts remain tied to the classic moka that for more than 100 years has given pleasure in the various phases of the day.

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