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The Moka coffee pot is a stove-top or electric coffee machine that brides the coffee by taking boiling water through steam by mass coffee.

Named after the Yemeni city Moka, 1933 was invented by Italian engineer Alfonso Bialetti and quickly became one of the staples of Italian culture.

Bialetti Industries continues to produce the same model under the trade name “Moka Express“.

MOKA Coffee pots are available in different sizes, which produce from one to eighteen 50 ml (2 Impfl oz)

The original design and many current models are made of aluminum with bakelite handles.


Brikka” is a modified MOKA Coffee pot, from Bialetti.

It contains a weighted valve as a pressure regulator at the top of the nozzle, which allows the pressure to build up in a pressure cooker in the water tank.

However, the weighted valve enables pressure to collect, and the temperature will increase a bit further before the liquid through the liquid rises nozzle.



Moka coffee pots are not dishwasher safe that the manufacturer warns.

When the pot runs through the dishwasher, generally corrosion and oxidation of the protective oxidized aluminum layer, which releases freshly exposed aluminum to react with the air, to produce a dirty, reactive and blackened surface.

It is recommended to use a mild detergent.

The following table shows the default sizes for the Bialetti Moka Express.

Moka pots are sometimes referred to as a stove-top espresso manufacturer and produce a coffee with an extraction ratio slightly higher than that of a conventional espresso machine.


Bialetti MokaClassic

The n°1 – Bialetti Official Coffe Machine

Bialetti MokaRainbow

Colored Coffee Maker, Yellow, 3 Cups

Bialetti New Kitty

Bialetti 6359 Inox New Kitty 4 Cups

Bialetti Moka Elettric

Bialetti Moka Timer, 6 Cups

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