Moka Coffee Roasting methods : description, techniques and characteristics.

Coffee roasting is the phase in which the beans are roasted and prepared for grinding and use in our moka coffee machines.

With roasting, coffee beans are heated, then cooled, checked, blended and packaged.

There are basically two roasting methods: let’s see them.


The coffee roasting process takes place through two phases: roasting and cooling of the coffee beans.

Roasting can be achieved in two different ways depending on whether it is industrial or artisanal plants. Let see them.

Fluid bed roasting

Roasting takes place using jets of hot air at 300°C – 400°C  for a few minutes.
This roasting system is called “fluidized bed” and typically used by industrial companies.
it’s a faster method. The coffee beans have a dark external color but are undercooked inside, in this way the aromatic yield of the coffee is preserved.


Rotating bed roasting

Artisan coffee, on the other hand, is roasted in a kind of oven called a “rotating drum”, which internally keeps the beans moving for about 15-20 minutes at a temperature between 195°C and 230°C.
The “rotating drum” artisanal method takes longer, the roasting is uniform and the substances present in the bean are not altered.

During roasting, the following take place:

  • the separation of the outer skin of the coffee bean,
  • caramelization of sugars
  • roasting of coffee beans

In any case, the degree of roasting and the temperature are specific to each single type of coffee bean (arabica and robusta).


Second Phase: Cooling

The next step is to cool the coffee beans. There are several ways to do this.

Coffee factories quickly cool coffee with jets of air and cold vaporized water.

The companies that produce artisanal coffee slowly wait for the coffee to cool in a natural way, mixing it in tubs.

This is the system that guarantees the best results in terms of quality because it does not increase the humidity and enhances any aroma of the coffee.

Which are the best roasters?

We will talk about it shortly on this page.

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