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Napoletana Coffee machine maker: Italian tradition coffee since 1819!

The Neapolitan coffee pot, also called cuccuma in the dialect, is probably one of the oldest ways of preparing coffee.

Born in 1819, since then it has been part of the Neapolitan tradition and beyond.

Its operation, practically opposite to that of a traditional moka, allows to obtain a very full-bodied espresso with a rather robust flavor.

With its slow preparation times and ancient design it makes coffee a real ritual to be carried out in complete relaxation in company or even alone.


Napoletana Coffee machine maker: Characteristics and elements.

The “Cuccuma consists of the following four elements:

  1. The water tank with a curved or straight handle and a small hole at the top.
  2. The cylinder-shaped coffee container into which the ground coffee is inserted: it is open from one top and has a small hole on the other to allow the passage of boiling water. This tank slips into the water tank, getting stuck.
  3. The filter to retain the coffee powder.
  4. The tank in which the ready coffee is collected. It fits over the water tank and has a spout from which the ready coffee can be poured.

Neapolitan coffee maker does not use gaskets: this fact gives the machine great longevity without the need to replace parts of it over time


Napoletana Coffee machine maker: How to use it

First you need to disassemble the coffee maker into its various pieces.

Once this is done we proceed as follows:

The kettle is filled with water, then insert the portafilter and fill it with the coffee, screw the upper part of the filter to the filter holder and close it.

At this point we can assemble the coffee tank and put the coffee pot on the fire.

Once the steam starts to come out of the spout we have to turn off the stove and turn the machine upside down for about two minutes.

This will allow the water to extract the coffee which will then be deposited in the appropriate tank.

Perfect, we just have to serve it!

Ilsa Steel Napoletana Coffee machine maker: a coffee maker made entirely of steel.

Ilsa Napoletana Acciaio is a classic Neapolitan coffee maker.

It is a product that respects the Neapolitan tradition and can therefore take up to ten minutes to prepare the coffee.

This coffee maker is made of stainless steel and has its strong point in the long handles that do not get very hot during preparation, and allow you to overturn the coffee pot without getting burnt.

Compared to aluminum, steel releases fewer substances into the water, thus helping to improve the flavor of the coffee obtained.

This material also makes it suitable for use on an induction hob.

Ilsa Napoletana Acciaio has neither gaskets nor plastic parts, therefore it is resistant and not subject to wear.

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