The 10 Best Moka Coffee Maker for a Quality Espresso in the World.

Let’s see how you can select them, and which are the best coffee machines on the most recommended market.

The MOKA coffee machine for espresso coffee is a tool available in every kitchen to recharge each morning or offer your own guests a coffee and despite the great popularity of coffee makers.

Moka Coffee is still the favorite and most purchased instrument for the production of coffee in the World.

Traditional and electric Moka Machines

The Moka Coffee machine on the market are initially divided into traditional and electrical.

The former are less expensive and have a longer life, but the latter make some advantages: they are programmable to turn on and off, there is no gas need and have a lower risk of accidents when we forget them.

For the rest, the differences between the coffee machines that we find on the market are mainly in the material used and in the shape of the coffee machine in the capacity of the tank and in the type of handle.

Napoletana Coffee machine maker

Moka or Napoletana: what are the differences

In the traditional moka pot, the water in the lower container, called the boiler, rises a moment before the boiling point through the funnel where the coffee powder is contained, until it pours into the upper container, called a jug or collector.

The Neapolitan coffeemaker, on the other hand, works in the same way, but with the opposite direction, from top to bottom.

Supporters of the tradition defend the “cuccumella” because the passage of water through the filter that contains the ground coffee takes place in a more delicate way, preserving the aromas of coffee unaltered.

However, the moka makes the preparation of coffee easier and faster, and with some precautions it produces an excellent result.

N°1- Bialetti Moka Express 6 Cups by Bialetti


N°2- Lavazza Carmencita Black, 3-6 Cups


Moka: simple but with differences.

Moka itself is actually a simple tool, but it can really make the difference between a good coffee and a bad one.

The most important requirement in our choice is obviously given by the quality for the final result, the flavor of the coffee.

Of course, quality depends on many variables and not only on the moka: that is, whether it is a moka coffee machine or a Neapolitan coffee machine.

Traditional machines are mostly made of aluminum: fast to achieve the temperature but to maintain more complicated, as they are fragile and less resistant to shocks.

In addition, this material tends to give a metallic aftertaste, and when it is heated very much, it risks that it burns.

There are also coffee maker made of stainless steel : very robust, but slower than aluminum, they keep the coffe hot without changing the taste and aroma.

The steel and ceramic coffee machine feature a steel boiler and a ceramic jug, they are not only aesthetically very pleasing, but also produce excellent quality coffee due to the lower water temperature.

Finally, steel and glass coffee machines are not used very much for two reasons: they are fragile and have a high thermal dispersion.

This is a fundamental factor that is considered when we select the best Moka coffee machine.

N°3- ILSA Neapolitan coffee maker Inox, Stainless Steel, Silver, 3 Cups


N°4 – Alessi 9090/6 Design Induction Bottom Coffee Maker in Stainless Steel


There are mainly 3 sizes on the market in terms of the boiler in which the water is included: the machine for 1 cup, one for 3 and one for 6.


We only make for us or for the whole family coffee?

A moka machine of a good brand, for example Lagostina or Alessi, are always made with resistant materials, and we do not only refer to the outside: for example, the quality of the seal and the handle is very important.

As we said, traditional coffee machines are certainly more durable than an electric coffee machine as well as steel compared to aluminum or ceramics that are fragile.

There are coffee machines on the market for all tastes and budgets, from a few euros for an aluminum coffee machine, up to 100 $ to a steel design coffee machine.

We consider that the purchase of a good coffee machine will prove genuine investment, which we are distributed over the life of the object that can take many years.

There are coffee machines in steel or aluminum, ceramic tapping and ceramic coffee machines produced by the most famous brands such as Lagostina or Bialetti on the market, or we can concentrate on the quality and design of Alessi on the fascinating Bonvivo line.

Electric coffee machines are mostly in a price range between 40 and 60 euros.

As always, Alessi’s design and quality quality combined with the models of 9090/3 and A9095 / 3 B.

On the other hand, ILSA Napoletana and Bonivo Inteca are one of the best options in choosing the best espresso coffee machine.

N°5-Bialetti New Venus Induction, Stovetop Coffee Maker, 18/10 Steel, 6-Cups


N°6- Alessi La Conica 90002/3 Design, Stainless Steel, Copper Bottom, 3 Cups


Bialetti and Lagostina represent the best compromise between quality and price for a traditional coffee maker, for example with the models Bialetti Musa, Bialetti Elegance Venus and the classic Lagostina Brava.
As always, Alessi combines design and quality of materials with the 9090/3 and A9095 / 3 B models.
Ilsa Napoletana and Bonivo Inteca, on the other hand, are among the best options when choosing the best espresso coffee maker.

Bialetti MokaClassic

The n°1 – Bialetti Official Coffe Machine

Bialetti MokaRainbow

Colored Coffee Maker, Yellow, 3 Cups

Bialetti New Kitty

Bialetti 6359 Inox New Kitty 4 Cups

Bialetti Moka Elettric

Bialetti Moka Timer, 6 Cups

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