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Benefits of Coffee

Long, espresso or macchiato, there are many ways to enjoy Moka Coffee, then even if it’s good for you, it’s impossible to give it up.

Are you curious to discover all the benefits of this drink?

Give the right load of energy

As soon as you wake up in the morning you are sleepy, but a cup of Moka Coffee is enough to have the right energy and face the day.

The substances contained within the coffee are a cure-all against fatigue.

Caffeine, in fact, stimulates the nervous system, allows you to be more attentive and better face the commitments of the day.

Give the right load of energy
Coffee helps improve memory

Coffee helps improve memory

With the hectic life and the many daily activities, being able to remember everything is not easy, but caffeine comes to our aid.

Benefits of coffee: according to a university research, taking two cups of moka coffee a day will have long-term memory benefits for up to 24 hours after taking the drink.

A weapon against diabetes

Moka coffee has an unmistakable taste and many prefer it bitter to appreciate it to the fullest.

This healthy habit can be an extra help for people with diabetes.

A recent study showed that over all benefits of coffee, moderate use of coffee can lower blood glucose levels in these people and a 35% reduction in the risk of developing this disease in those who consumed it regularly.

A weapon against diabetes
Heart With Arms And Legs And Cup Of Coffee

A valid ally for our heart

When we think of coffee, the first thing that comes to mind is caffeine, but in reality the drink also contains other beneficial substances such as polyphenols.

According to scientific research, this substance can help reduce the risk of heart failure.

Longer life expectancy

The elixir of life does not exist, but moka coffee can provide an excellent help.

According to a survey by American medical researchers on benefits of coffee, those who consume more of it have a longer life expectancy: the merit is all of the antioxidants in which the drink is rich.

Prevents respiratory problems

The respiratory system also obtains great benefits from drinking coffee.

Caffeine is able to reduce the fatigue of these muscles and several studies have shown an improvement in the functions of the lungs and less development of asthma symptoms.

Coffe as source of vitamins

When you taste a good Moka Coffee, you never think about it, but this drink contains many vitamins and nutrients.

In a simple cup there are vitamins B2 (essential for metabolism), B3 (useful for the nervous system) and B5 (source of energy), as well as very important minerals such as magnesium and potassium.

Coffe as source of vitamins
Moka Coffee Improves the mood

Moka Coffee Improves the mood

More and more studies are showing that regular coffee consumption can improve mood and alleviate the symptoms of depression.

The stimulating effect of caffeine helps to increase good mood and face the days with a smile! This is one of the infinite benefits of coffee.

Relieves the symptoms of Parkinson’s

Unfortunately, Parkinson’s disease is an irreversible disease, but Canadian medical researchers have found that the symptoms can be alleviated by consuming two cups of coffee a day.

In addition, this drink helps improve coordination of movements.

coffe protect parkinson

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